The Team

These people are the brains behind the Saxifrage School:


Abigail Loughrey – M.A. Social and Comparative Analysis in Education, University of Pittsburgh
Alexa Belajac – Director of Education and Community Engagement, WYEP
Andrew Heffner – M.A. in Higher Education, Geneva College
Bryan Perry – Assistant Director, Oakland Planning and Development Corporation
Carrie Richards – M.A. in Non-Profit Management, Marketing Manager at the Bayer Center
Chad Whitacare – Web Developer, Founder of and
Claire O’Hanlon – B.S. in Engineering, Harvey Mudd College
Courtney Williams – Farmer/Homesteader, Pittsburgh Community Farm
Darren Belajac – J.D., M.Div, Community Organizer at ELDI
David Landes – Ph.D student/teacher in Communications, University of Pittsburgh
David Waters – Investment Analyst, Bank of NY:Mellon
Douglas North Cook – M.A. Candidate in Religious Studies, Trinity Anglican Seminary
Francois Guilleux, Ph.D. – Adjunct Instructor: Administrative and Policy Studies, U. of Pittsburgh
Jake Nelko – M.A. in Higher Education Management, University of Pittsburgh
James Turnshek – Software Engineer, Vivismo
Jess Wilton – Ph.D. student in Literary & Cultural Studies, Carnegie Mellon University
Jordan Mroziak – Ph.D. Adjunct Professor of Music Technology, Duquesne University
Justin Shao – Urban Studies, U. Pitt ; Organizer with Hill District Consensus Group
Kimberly Bracken – Garden and Youth Programs Coordinator, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh
Kim Delisio – M.A. student, Social and Comparative Analysis in Education, University of Pittsburgh
Kyle Bostian – Theater Ph.D., Playwright and Director
Lillian Gritter – M.A. Student, Occupational Therapy, Chatham University
Nicholas Gentry – M.A. Rhetoric, CMU
Patricia Sheahan – Ph.D. in Educational Leadership
Paul Zito – Video Artist, Creative Professional
Rachel Cook – Accountant, The Pittsburgh Project
Reba Schenk – M.S.W., Barry University
Ryan Heimann – Auditor, Schneider Downs
Sean Purcell – Ph.D. Candidate in Philosophy
Shahnaz Alam-Denlinger, Engineer
Silas Snider – Computer Programmer, Google Inc.
Timothy F. Cook – Founding Director
Tyke Nunez – Graduate of Deep Springs College, Ph.D. Candidate in Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh

Glenn Loughran – Ph.D. student in Education, Graduate School Of Creative Arts & Media in Dublin
David Condron, Marine Systems Engineer
Jon Rubin, Artist and Professor
Kate Bowers, Coordinator of Private Funds, Pittsburgh Public Schools
Susan McLeod, Former Director of the U.C Santa Barbara Writing Program
Chris Cooke, Executive Director of the Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience (PULSE)
Kevin Smay, Executive Director of Strategic Planning, CCAC