Wednesdays from 5:00 - 8:00 -- September 3rd through October 22nd

Instructed by Wade Caruso

This project-based course is suitable for beginner through intermediate skill levels. After some initial practice and preparation in the woodshop, the class will work on an outdoor construction project at Garfield Farm. Learn basic carpentry techniques and practice with hand and power tools. In addition to hands-on experience, you will learn about the history, philosophy and practice of construction and sustainable carpentry methods.

About the Class

The class will run on Wednesdays for 8 weeks from 5:00 – 8:00 pm as well as one all-day Saturday work day. The class will be held in our Carpentry woodshop at the Union Project and at the construction site at Garfield Farm.

Details: $450 Total Cost. Class registration is limited to 12 people. Purchase your half-tuition ticket now and we'll bill for the rest later.

Open Cost Analysis

Instructor Wages: 56%; Classroom Costs: 6%; Saxifrage Staff Wages: 19%; Learning Supplies: 20%

(Open Cost publishing is a new effort in transparency by the Saxifrage School to ensure students know what their money is being spent on when they sign up for courses. The “Tuition” moniker implies that funds are spent on instruction, but this is increasingly not the case at many schools. We want to change that.)

About the Instructor

Wade Caruso has worked as a designer and carpenter for over 10 years. After graduating with a degree in Landscape Architecture, he worked for a number of years for a green building company learning sustainable construction techniques, timber framing, and solar panel installation. More recently, he has worked as a independent contractor doing custom renovation projects and has a small business designing and fabricating custom furniture pieces. Wade specializes in fabrication projects using salvaged materials.

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